ARC These are examples of Advance Reader's Editions aka Advance Reader's Copies (ARCs).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ARCs (Advance Reader's Copies)? How come you don't address Advance Reader's Copies?

The main reason that we don't have many ARCs or proofs on the site is that they don't seem to be as popular as first editions. We think the main reason for this is that ARCs and proofs are usually softcover, and many collectors simply don't want softcovers, even though they predede what went out to the public. We have noted a similar pattern when the first edition is a paperback and a later hardcover edition is more collectible (and more valuable). Neuromacer is a good example of this, and so is Interpreter Of Maladies.

But what we do love about ARCs is that they usually have a few morsels of great publising information such as the number of books planned for the first printing run. Sometimes there are also interesting notes from the publisher such as the one from the Harry Potter ARC where the publisher predicts that it will become very valuable.

We are always looking for more ARC pictures and we are happy to add any photos that collectors are willing to send. Especially sections about planned printings, issue price, and notes from the publisher.

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