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Advise and Consent



Advise and Consent
"First Edition" is stated on bottom of copyright page. Price on dust jacket  (more...)

Last: Drury
First: Allen

Pulitzer Prize

Doubleday & Company
Original Price: $5.75
Pages: 616

The Manchurian Candidate



The Manchurian Candidate
First Edition is stated on the copyright page. Dust jacket has price of  (more...)

Last: Condon
First: Richard


McGraw-Hill Book Company
Original Price: $4.50
Pages: 311

Happy Families are All Alike



Happy Families are All Alike
FIRST PRINTING is stated on the copyright page. (more...)

Last: Taylor
First: Peter


McDowell Oblensky
Original Price: $3.95
Pages: 305

Goodbye, Columbus



Goodbye, Columbus
First Printing is stated on the copyright page and 1959 stated on the title  (more...)

Last: Roth
First: Philip

National Book Award

Houghton Mifflin Company
Original Price: $3.75
Pages: 298

The Mansion



The Mansion
There was a limited first edition that was numbered and signed by the author.  (more...)

Last: Faulkner
First: William


Random House
Original Price: $4.75
Pages: 436

The Longest Day



The Longest Day
FIRST EDITION is stated on the copyright page. Boards are dark gray with  (more...)

Last: Ryan
First: Cornelius


Simon and Schuster
Original Price: $4.95
Pages: 350

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