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The Late George Apley



The Late George Apley
"Published January, 1937" is stated on the copyright page with no other  (more...)

Last: Marquand
First: John Phillips

Pulitzer Prize

Little, Brown
Original Price: $2.50
Pages: 354

Of Mice And Men



Of Mice And Men
The first Issue of the first printing has the word "and only moved because  (more...)

Last: Steinbeck
First: John


Covici Friede
Original Price: $2.00
Pages: 186

The Hobbit



The Hobbit
FIRST PUBLISHED IN 1937 is stated on the copyright page with no references to  (more...)

Last: Tolkien
First: J.R.R.


George Allen & Unwin
Pages: 310

Christ in Concrete



Christ in Concrete
The true first edition was printed in book form in 1937 by Esquire Inc. after  (more...)

Last: Di Donato
First: Pietro


Esquire Inc.
Pages: 41

To Have and Have Not



To Have and Have Not
The first edition has an "A" and the Scribner's seal on the copyright page.  (more...)

Last: Hemingway
First: Ernest


Charles Scribner's Sons
Original Price: $250
Pages: 262

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