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The Tin Drum

Grass, Gunter




This is the first American edition of the author's first novel. No additional printing statements on the copyright page. Bound in full red cloth with the top edges stained black and white endpapers with dark fibers in the paper.

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Picture of the 1962 first edition dust jacket for The Tin Drum.

Picture of the 1962 first edition dust jacket for The Tin Drum.

Identification picture of The Tin Drum.
Identification picture of The Tin Drum.
Identification picture of The Tin Drum.

Alan Bratburd
June 14, 2010, 8:05 pm
Hello, I have a copy of "The Tin Drum," price-clipped dj, bottom corner of dj front flap has "2/63", verso of title page looks just like yours, rear of dj looks like yours, endpapers have black threads and there is no color at the top of the text block. Which of these tells me this is NOT a first? I thank you.
lois harvey
February 18, 2011, 1:40 pm
Yes, this is a tough one for me too. Mine has the same 2/63 on bottom corner of front flap the comment above mentions. Mine also has the $6.95 un-clipped price at top of flap, rear cover matches and , copyright page matches the one shown here. Mine, however, is medium blue cloth with dark blue top edge. No additional printings should make it an American first according to McBride and according to Zemple as well. Also was told of one with the book club stigmata that matched all these points. Would like to know if this copy shown has the 2/63 date code on the dj or something else. Thanks very much. lois
June 28, 2012, 10:24 am
I have found the appropirate criteria, thanks to the freely given responses of some very kind and knowledgable people. The original German edition had blue-grey boards. BUT, the British edition also had these same grey boards. ALL american editions have red boards. Red boards is NOT indicative of a book club edition. It also seems that there are no subsequent printings listed onthe copyright page of any American edition, be it a second or ...?... printing. The REAL first printing indicator is the Topstain. Subsequent printings do NOT have this feature. Also,t he DJ ought NOT to have a 0336 code onthe lower spine. The DJ that went with the first printing has no such code. 1/63 is the first issue DJ, 2/63 is the second state of the first print run. So, the FEDPO fotos are missing three elements. One, the topstain, and two, the distinction betweenthe British and American boards. Three the code on the DJ. Any red board copy that has a BCE blind stamp or stigmata at the back lower board edge is a BCE. So, out frineds in NYC have an American edition for sale, and a singed British edition for sale, but they did not know the difference. Baumann, take heed! MBB

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